Like so many others, a wear a few different hats…

My first & most loved hat is “Mamma” I am a homeschooling mother of 3 alhumdulillah. I am truly blessed to have the children I have & am grateful everyday they are in my life. May Allah protect all our children and may they continue to be the coolness of our eyes.. ameen.

My second hat is “Children’s Author” though I rarely refer to myself as that.. I’ve published a couple of books and hope to do 1-2 a year for now… it’s something I’d like to do more seriously as my children get older & have more “quiet time” during the day 🙂 I am currently working on a detective series geared towards children 8 and up. The series name is “Ibrahim Khan” and the books are titled, “Ibrahim Khan and the Mystery of the Roaring Lion” and “Ibrahim Khan and the Mystery of the Haunted Lake”

My third hat, the one that currently takes up most of my attention is The Craft Souk. A small business that started at home 3 years ago and is now part of the lovely Kaamilah Boutique.. I carry a variety of products from greeting cards & books to art & hijab pins. My aim is to carry unique, hard to find items for Muslim families with a focus on locally handmade. Being an avid crafter myself, I make many of the products I carry… I have to say I’m not what one would call a “business woman” but I truly enjoy The Craft Souk for two reasons: I get to create new things everyday & I get to meet the most amazing people at the Boutique at booths during events… It’s been an amazing ride & any success I have to solely by the Mercy of Allah.


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