Trust me, I like my meat as much as the next person, but trying to manage my blood sugar without medicine has been a challenge. so last week when a friend told me about Rawlicious, I decided to try it out 🙂

I went to their location on Markham Main Street. Really cute place with welcoming organic feel.  The small glass with fresh daisy’s kindda says it all 🙂


I’ve been there twice now and have had a chance to try a few different dishes. The interesting thing is what it did to my blood sugar! I am careful to make sure my numbers stay under 10 at all times… but it had been running a little too close to 10 lately.. after eating at Rawlicious it actually stayed at a normal 6-7 all that day and the next! My mom who’s on Metformin, but didn’t have one during this meal was having an issue with low blood sugar. She said, “If I start eating like this everyday I’ll have to get off my medicine.”

The food was delicious. My favorite appetizer so far has been the  Nacho Platter ($12), though I do want to try the Nori Rolls next time. Crispy chips with guacamole, sour cream & salsa with a garnish of green olives & green onions. Everything was bursting with flavor and so filling!


For my Entree I’d have to say the Pad Thai ($15).. raw kelp and zucchini noodles, chopped romaine, peppers, green onion and cashews, topped with a creamy sauce. I actually prefer the flavor of these over traditional Pad Thai.. now that’s saying something!


Desert is something I’ve become accustom to not having.. so when I tried their cheese cake ($9) sweetened only with Agave.. well I don’t really have the words to it justice.. They were serving a lemon/lime flavored cheese cake which was more tart then sweet, but personally I love that combo. I do look forward to trying their other flavors 🙂